Comarch Smart Finance for Mobile at Alior Bank S.A.

ALIOR Mobile - Based on Comarch Smart Finance for Smartphones and Tablets

In Q4/2012 Comarch accomplished the deployment project of Comarch Smart Finance for Mobile in ALIOR BANK S.A. The mobile banking application for smartphones and tablets provided an innovative UI and an integrated authentication token replacing mobile SMS codes.

system for alior


The project included implementation of the following modules:

  • native app for smartphones with iOS and Android
  • HTML5 app for tablets (platform independent)
  • Mobile Integration Server (the backend system)

alior bank software

The objectives of the project:

  • The project included the implementation of a mobile banking app, which provides access to banking services via smartphones and tablets together with an integrated authentication tokento enable mobile transactions with a PIN code (independent of the logon password). The token generates a digital signature for each transaction submitted to the bank infrastructure.
  • The token uses the concept of Two Factor Authentication and the HOTP one-time password algorithm for signed transactions based on HMAC. The functionality is available for native applications.
  • The activation process is simplified by using QR codes, therefore the user does not have to manually retype alphanumeric data. The user scans a QR code with a smartphone built in camera.
  • During the activation process, which takes place in the internet banking application, a PIN code is assigned to the user and used for signing all transactions digitally.

alior bank mobile software

Additional benefits for the Bank:

  • the highest quality of user experience in mobile applications for smartphones combined with a high level of security
  • a high level of security in transaction authorization through the mobile channel (a native application for smartphones), which has no other independent channel authorization
  • reduction of operating costs for the process of transaction authorization by re placing SMS token codes
  • raising the bar of customer expectations concerning secure and easy to use mobile applications on the Polish banking market.

Alior Mobile

The implementation met all intended business objectives, which is confirmed by a high user rating of the applications (e.g., Google Play Android Market rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 pts.