Comarch NonLife Insurance at TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

Comarch NonLife Insurance at TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

Due to the development of its business TUiR Allianz Polska S.A. needed some tools to accelerate settlements with reinsurers and brokers. The growing number of transactions is now supported with the financial-accounting module of Comarch NonLife Insurance.

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Comarch NonLife Insurance

Managing individual and group life insurance.

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Growing business needs support

At the end of 2010 Allianz commissioned Comarch to carry out a preliminary analysis of settlements with reinsurers and brokers, and to provide some solutions to optimize these processes. After many months of the analysis and preparations, at the beginning of 2013 Allianz decided to implement a financial-accounting module of the Comarch NonLife Insurance solution. Allianz needed to automate the increasing number of settlement transactions as the employees responsible for settlements with reinsurers and brokers had to manually enter all of the data. Manual data import was laborious and time-consuming. The fast-growing insurance company wanted their systems to communicate with each other directly and support instant reporting. Moreover, Allianz wished to have direct access to the balances of settlements with reinsurers and the ability to generate reports directly from the system. Allianz chose a financial-accounting module of Comarch NonLife Insurance because of Comarch expertise in a settlement area, knowledge of the processes analyzed in Allianz, as well as rich functionality and configurability of the solution.

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From data collection to report generation

A financial-accounting module of Comarch NonLife Insurance implemented at the beginning of 2014 is a a sub-ledger, which provides, among others, the following functionalities – a viewer of imported reinsurance contracts and accounts, a registry of reinsurers and brokers, settlements (including bank statements, clearing and unclearable amounts), postings, mass processing, reporting period management, configurable dictionaries, and user management. The module imports the data of reinsurance contracts and accounts as well as the information on settlements with reinsurers and brokers from Allianz’s systems. After the user’s acceptance, the system automatically registers appropriate settlements according to the rules defined, generates detailed postings, aggregates them and sends them to General Ledger (SAP). Besides, the system generates receivables and liabilities reports, aging reports and, on special Allianz’s request, reports on balances or contracts of a selected reinsurer by settlements or accruals.

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Challenging implementation

The implementation began in April 2013 and was completed in March 2014. Comarch Project Manager admits that one year break between the analysis and implementation works was quite an unusual challenge. During the implementation, particular attention was paid to achieving high performance of the module – an extremely important factor for the optimization of processes with large data volumes. At the beginning of the project a wireframe of the solution was prepared to initially asses performance. This allowed to identify the elements of the process that require optimization yet at the setup stage, and customize the system according to Allianz’s needs. As a result there were no unpleasant surprises after the productive launch of the system and the solution met the Allianz’s expectations.

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Optimal settlements with contractors

Thanks to the implementation of a financial-accounting module of the Comarch NonLife Insurance solution, TUiR Allianz Polska S.A. has optimized and automated the process of accounting settlements with contractors. Data processing necessary for the closing of the accounting period has been accelerated – it currently takes only 2 working days as the system is able to process about 500 thousand records of reinsurance data in 8 hours. In addition, abandoning the process of determining the settlement balance with reinsurers on the basis of General Ledger records allows for direct access to balances straight from the system layer with a full preview of the selected reinsurer data. This enables verification of the data correctness needed for the closing of the reporting period.

This situation required a review of the requirements by both parties immediately after the project launch to make sure the provisions in the analysis document are complete and still valid. During discussions we identified some new requirements. They were included in the scope of the project, so the total project workload increased about 30%, and the project schedule became very tight. That is why we decided to divide the implementation project into four smaller parts, each ending in acceptance tests performed by Allianz. Thanks to it, the works were carried out simultaneously by both sides and the project finished as scheduled.


Kamil Kwarciak, Project Manager at Comarch


After several months of work with the new system, we have noted that the transfer of reinsurance accounting data proceeds more efficiently than ever before. The solution implemented in cooperation with comarch has helped us reduce the time needed for closing accounting periods.


Sylwia Kołowacik, Chief Accountant at TUIR Allianz Polska S.A. about Comarch NonLife Insurance allianz software 


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