Comarch eForms at Bank PEKAO SA

Comarch eForms at Bank PEKAO SA

The main requirement was the possibility of submitting guarantee applications via single channel, preferably with the use of an existing online banking system: PekaoBIZNES24 by Comarch. The implementation took approximately three months. The rapid pace of implementation works was possible owing to configurability and flexibility of the Comarch solution.

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Situation analysis

The necessity of implementing a new system for processing bank guarantees was reported by the Bank customers themselves while requesting bank guarantees or annexes. Prior to the implementation of Comarch eForms, the process of issuing bank guarantees was performed outside electronic systems, which resulted in some inconveniences both for the Bank and its customers. The Bank customers were obliged to submit guarantee applications or annexes via various channels, i.e. email, fax, courier, or personally. There was no leading channel for submitting documents, which caused communication and processing problems. The customers did not have the opportunity to online monitoring of the application processing. Applications submitted by the customers and guarantees issued by the Bank were recorded in various systems. This  caused the problem with reporting and the analysis of a guarantee portfolio. After the analysis of its own needs and customer suggestions concerning the process of issuing bank guarantees, the Bank began to search for a suitable tool that would meet the expectations of both sides.

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Main requirements

The main requirement was the possibility of submitting guarantee applications via single channel, preferably with the use of an existing online banking system: PekaoBIZNES24 by Comarch. Moreover, the system was to support:

  • adding electronic attachments to applications
  • using repetitive data or copying information from previous applications
  • auto-filling of applications with information provided earlier
  • auto-filling of prints with data from applications
  • sharing the current status of application processing to the bank employees and customers
  • defining the content in the online mode.

pekao banking system


Comarch eForms ensured complete automation of the bank guarantee process. PekaoFIRMA24 & PekaoBIZNES24 electronic banking systems became the main channel enhanced with new features for customers, supporting e.g.,

  • filling in the application form via internet banking system
  • automatic copying of data from other completed applications
  • auto-filling of prints related to the case
  • adding electronic attachments to applications and annexes with the comment to each attachment
  • monitoring of the processing progress, thanks to intelligible presentation of the application
  • exchanging observations and comments with customers in the online mode
  • quick search of applications and annexes based on logical criteria
  • analyses of guarantees issued by the Bank, owing to a smart reporting system.

In addition to full control of the guarantee issuing process, the Bank benefited from other useful features, including:change management, i.e. changes to online guarantees are entered in a unified and simultaneous way across all network and for all customers.

  • automatic assignment of applications to the Bank employees in public and private inboxes
  • content-based support for individual units/departments of the Bank by including them in a decision-making process
  • reporting and analyses of the bank guarantee applications and annexes, enabling a quick response to any ‘bottlenecks’ in the process
  • giving up the unnecessary paper documentation – all elements of the application are assigned to a single case
  • quick application search with the possibility to define any search criteria


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