Comarch Corporate Banking at Raiffeisen


Company Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. (currently operating under the Raiffeisen Polbank brand), the first bank with foreign capital on the Polish market (since 1991)

Industry Banking

Project objective Enhacement of Trade finance processes

Implemented solution The Trade finance module of Comarch Corporate Banking

Solution supplier Comarch

Solution competitive advantages

 A troublesome path of applying for guarantees was the reason why we wanted the documents to take an electronic form and be available in real time both for our employees and customers. This meant reinventing our internal Trade finance processes, so that they’re smoother and safer at the same time.

Agnieszka Ziętek
Head of Guarantees, Raiffeisen Polbank


Project objectives

Back in 2009 Raiffeisen Bank Polska required a modern solution to manage a growing number of Trade finance products as well as an overwhelming amount of related paperwork.

At that time the bank had been issuing around 300 guarantees a month, delivered to destinations across the country and abroad. As the process was highly formalized, requiring a series of official approvals before the submission of each issuance order to the bank, it consumed a great deal of time and effort.

Project challenges

Many corporates were used to processing Trade finance products in the previous way of exchanging e-mails or sending faxes, delivering documents in hard copies and signing issuance orders in pen. It did work, but there was a lot of room for improvement. That’s just why the bank has come forward with a concept of digitizing the process, which was subsequently fine-tuned in the course of numerous brainstorming sessions involving both Comarch and Raiffeisen employees.

We had to make the new solution as convenient as it gets from day one, especially considering it was a novelty on the Polish market. We did that, for example, by providing bank employees with numerous workshops and thorough product documentation, so they could test-drive the new ‘vehicle’ before actually telling corporates to hop in.

Agnieszka Piróg
Product Manager for Comarch Corporate Banking

The bank’s key customers included well-known European retailers who would use the Trade finance module on a daily basis, so providing them with a second- best solution was not an option. To up the ante, Raiffeisen decided to not only merge the module with their corporate banking system working 24/7, but also to notify corporates by email on a progress of any given operation – just to ensure that all parties are kept thoroughly informed.

The second feature was mostly unheard of at that time. On average, one had to make a phone call or send an email in order to be filled in on the status of a particular operation.

Zyta Juńczyk
Head of LCs, Raiffeisen Polbank

Just two years after the introduction of Comarch’s Trade finance module, we increased the volume of issued guarantees by 24% while the profits made off of them rose by 23%.

Agnieszka Ziętek
Head of Guarantees, Raiffeisen Polbank


Thanks to the new tool, Raiffeisen’s customers can order bank guarantees, open letters of credit and manage these products in one system, without visiting the branch office. These improvements translated into better performance of the bank.

Raiffeisen was provided with Guarantees Online, a tool within the Trade finance module, enabling corporates to apply for guarantees easily and keep a detailed track record of the process. All of this is available around the clock with minimum paperwork involved.


A number of enhancements to our Trade finance platform have made our online banking friendly to any entrepreneur.


Zyta Juńczyk
Head of LCs, Raiffeisen Polbank

 Thanks to this feature we decreased the time of issuing an average banking guarantee from two working days to several hours.

Agnieszka Ziętek
Head of Guarantees, Raiffeisen Polbank


Corporates can now also request issuance of a guarantee or open a letter of credit in the online banking system, which saves time and money, the more so as the request instantly reaches the relevant bank employee who is able to make tailored suggestions as to the guarantee model and confirm LC documents online.


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