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Comarch has vast experience both in banking and healthcare sectors. This allows us to provide our clients with advanced healthcare for banking solutions that can boost your banking operations. This is especially important in times of pandemic when easily accessible healthcare services are of great value.

vast experience

The market value of remote patient monitoring is rising exponentially. According to Goldstein Research, this field will be worth $48,5 billion in 2024

Healthcare for banking - what do we provide?

Smart Wristband

Complex 24/7 patient monitoring

Home Health

Application and sensors such as ECG event recorder, Pulse Oximeter, Pressure gauge, Spirometer, Glucometer, and more, which allow for running checkups at home

Diagnostic Point

With video consultations to carry out a series of tests of the most important vital parameters for your customers and employees in branches and headquarters


A health diary that allows users to collect complete medical records and view them directly in a mobile application

All of our healthcare for banking solutions can be integrated with the Comarch e-Care platform.



Key benefits

  • Building customer loyalty and strong relationships
  • Upgrading bank’s offer and avoiding commoditization of banking services
  • Responding to Covid-19 concerns with healthcare for banking solutions

What’s in healthcare banking for your bank?

Staying ahead of competition and avoiding commoditization of banking services by extending your offer with healthcare for banking solutions

New customers’ acquisition and engagement of those not satisfied with standard healthcare services

Upgrading your offer with benefits for your premium customers (High-Net-Worth-Individuals) and going beyond investment advice in wealth management

Making your banking offer more attractive for seniors

Sales increase due to new cross- and up-sell options: providing e-health solutions with the purchase of additional products

Building customer satisfaction and a strong relationship with customers

Cost effectiveness of your employee benefits – reducing the number of unjustified visits that could take place in the teleconsultation mode

Response to Covid-19 concerns: Filling the gap of loyalty programs that are currently not redeemable such as those of the travel industry

Response to Covid-19 concerns: Running employee health check before on-site work – ensuring business continuity

Response to Covid-19 concerns: Providing preventive care for customers and employees which saves time of medical institutions and physicians, allowing them to help those with most severe cases

What’s in healthcare banking for your customers and employees?

Convenient and time-saving access to high quality medical services

Option to perform a health check in the convenience of their homes or during their visit in a bank branch

Time saved – thanks to healthcare for banking solutions, employees can be examined at the workplace with a doctor remotely assesing their results

Increased comfort and safety

Option to take care of your loved ones such as parents or other family members that require medical monitoring

Attractive offer for seniors, the chronically ill, disabled persons or those with difficult access to healthcare

Response to Covid-19 concerns: protection for employees against illness spread

Response to Covid-19 concerns: perfect solutions for the chronically ill while staying at home

Healthcare for banking - possible areas of implementation

Wealth management
Personal/private banking
Financial institutions’ employees and branches
Ensuring the Safety of AXA Customers with Comarch LifeWristbands

AXA and Comarch Healthcare have joined forces to make monitoring bracelets available for anyone who may need constant care. The solution is supported by an experienced team of paramedics from Comarch Healthcare Telecare Center. The LifeWristband and access to care services will be available as part of the “Pulse of Life with monitoring wristband” life insurance policy, which is offered by AXA.

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