Advisor front-office

This area consolidates all client wealth across internal and external sources and creates a thorough client investment picture being a starting point of every client-advisor interaction. The advisory process is based on the analysis of client’s financial situation and investment needs followed by the assessment of client risk appetite. Optimal recommendations for the particular client situation and goal parameters are then generated, pertaining both product and model portfolio advisory.

The process of individual portfolio tailoring is monitored in terms of product suitability, appropriateness and other business limits. The whole process is also documented and archived both for internal audit purposes and client or regulatory reporting needs.
Additional functionality of managerial reporting gives insights into overall business growth, structure and activity, letting decision makers monitor the business and shape its appropriate strategy across different business units.
Wide capabilities of the system and process configurations enable a dedicated setup towards different business lines and client segments as well as flexible management of business objects and contents.




Client reporting, performance & risk analytics

The analytical and reporting engine supports financial institutions with a powerful engine responsible for various performance and risk analyses followed by an ad-hoc or scheduled reporting process. The calculations provide relationship and portfolio managers with relevant portfolio measures, seamlessly feeding Advisor front-office and Portfolio management algorithms. The engine also enhances the client front-end functionality with appropriate data and calculation results, providing end-clients with portfolio reporting and other investment insights.

Business users take advantage of flexible analyses and reporting schedule definition allowing for individual setups for various recipients, taking into account different levels of detail, granularity and breakdown of data. The module is integrated with multiple external data sources (e.g. market data providers) and supported by data quality management, making the aforementioned processes as accurate and efficient as possible.



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Portfolio management

Portfolio management supports portfolio managers handling individual client portfolios. It automates and accelerates investment processes, from the order management to transaction settlement, including pre-trade and post-trade compliance, portfolio modeling and rebalancing, and more. It enables the creation of individual dashboards in the form of analytical sheets that allow for a detailed overview and monitoring of each of the managed portfolios separately.

The solution delivers information on the managed assets and cash flow forecasts, supported by a broad integration with market data suppliers (e.g. SIX Financial Information, Thomson Reuters). The front and middle-office functionality is being complemented by back-office functions focused on accounting and valuation. This allows for handling the end-to-end investment process within one package.



Multichannel client front-end

Omnichannel Client front-end is an AI-driven investment recommendation solution which also provides the customer with their current wealth snapshot, portfolio performance and market news.

Depending on context, it can run on various devices automatically: from smartphones and desktops through to VR goggles and car head units. In so doing, it allows financial institutions to seamlessly guide their digital-native clients towards financial soundness and investment engagement - in the most convenient way possible.
The solution automatically extends tailored portfolio alerts, product recommendations, or investment ideas based on market sentiment as well as client preferences or online activity tracked via dedicated apps. It serves as:

  • Virtual investment assistant recommending clients on how to make the most of their assets – through voice and vision
  • Reliable companion who knows client’s personal, financial, behavioral and risk profiles, being able not only to adjust to various needs and objectives but also anticipate them
  • Robo-advisor supporting wealth managers and their clients with adaptive investment proposal (recommendations, lifecycle asset allocation, market signals, market sentiment)
  • Chat bot that employs natural language processing or data visualization to communicate with clients the way that fits best at a given moment


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