Product Center

Product Center is an interactive, easy-to-navigate and visually stunning catalogue of all banking products; its main goal is to facilitate customer advisors’ daily duties while improving the overall sales performance of a given bank branch.  Ready-made conversation scripts and scenarios for the advisors which are offered as part of the module, together with its intuitiveness and data processing speed, play a significant role in reaching the said goal.

Dedicated dashboards

Dashboard, a basic screen shown when an employee logs into the system, presents information specifically adjusted to the employee’s position, duties and tasks, which gives a noticeable boost to work efficiency of a bank branch as a whole. The module allows its user to administer the customer database, make and execute sales plans, control performance of advisors and consultants, and more.

Support for banking transactions

The module offers support for cash and cashless transactions along with cash register service and cash settlements while automatically controlling their defined limits.  At the same time, all those transactions, including bank transfers, direct debits or standing orders are performed within the platform and without advisors having to log into multiple systems, which results in much swifter customer service.

Customer data analysis

Utilizing advanced personalization algorithms, the tool enables a quick identification of customer profile as well as an analysis of their needs based on the history of how and when they interacted with the bank. As a result, the sales process is supported by recommendations of products relevant to a particular customer. The products are shown to advisors via the aforementioned Product Center catalogue, to which they are instantly redirected after a given profile had been built.

Performance reports and statistics

The module generates vital reports and statistics referring to each and every staff member recognized by the Comarch CRM Branch Office system. Executives can thus monitor and control the status of their branches: advisors’ activity, realization of sales plans, work efficiency, incoming leads or complaints. There is also a wide range of tools enabling managers to assign and distribute tasks among employees, prepare a work schedule or sales forecast for the following month.

Tasks and contracts

Thanks to this module, bank managers and directors can define, distribute and launch mass tasks for advisors according to specific parameters, and in so doing, boost their employees’ productivity which in turn can lead directly to increased sales and decreased hassle.

Employee profile

The profile contains essential information on a given employee: from their photo and leave schedule, through to relations with other employees, skill summary or sales performance reports.  The value the module brings for managers is the ability to control and monitor their employees’ work in a single, integrated environment.


Gamification consists in the application of typical elements of game playing – point scoring, competition with others, rules of play – to other, non-game areas of activity in order to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, and more. In this vein, the module encourages bank employees to take more active role in their daily tasks: whenever an employee achieves specified sales results or undergoes an additional training, they are rewarded with bonus points as well as special badges and titles which are then presented in the form of rankings on individual dashboards. This is a way to build the atmosphere of healthy rivalry aligned with current market needs.


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