Comarch RPA for KYC in banking

RPA in banking to considerably streamline your KYC

With the growing number of strict regulations and requirements, the Know Your Customer process gets more and more complex. For banks and other financial institutions, it translates to higher demand for qualified staff and greater complexity of tasks and procedures. It all takes a lot of time and resources.

RPA in Banking

Robotic Process Automation in banking to considerably improve streamline your AML/KYC due diligence processes

Make your financial institution ready to streamline customer due diligence by automating data gathering and entry

Release the human potential stifled by time-consuming and tedious tasks

who can benefit

Comarch RPA for KYC – Who can benefit

Comarch KYC is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software designed specifically for banks and other financial institutions. It optimizes KYC in AML – heavily manual, repetitive and prone to human error – by enhancing data collection and input. The system uses automatic processes to derive data from different sources, both external and internal, and instantly turn them into user-friendly reports ready for further analysis in line with regulatory requirements for KYC in AML. Robotic Process Automation in banking reduces the number of manual tasks, and enables focusing on what matters most: precise and on-time risk evaluation of customers. Automate your KYC in AML processes and benefit from high-quality risk assessment.

Enhance the quality and speed of customer reviews with RPA in banking
effective risk assessments

Know Your Customer in banking usually involves cooperation between many stakeholders. On-demand high-quality data aggregation is crucial to enable effective risk assessments of financial institutions’ customers. A quick data collection for customer onboarding or periodic reviews, without the need of compromising the quality of risk evaluation, is the best way to achieve greater accuracy and better operational performance. Build professional and solid relationships with your business partners e.g. compliance teams or RMs, based on accurate information and insightful analysis of your customer’s risk evaluation. Take your team’s performance to the next level ensuring greater precision and increased speed of delivered reviews. Make a positive impact on relationships with your customers - improve their experience by accelerating time-to-yes during the onboarding process thanks to RPA in banking.

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Transparent reports

• In-depth analysis available in a user-friendly format
• All information presented in a report organized with sections such as company data, the nature of business, financial info, negative news or counterparties

Media check

• Automatic screening against negative news (e.g. money laundering, drug and human trafficking, tax evasion, bribery) across the web
• Valuable insights to speed up the process of analyzing false-positive hits

Multiple data sources

• Internal systems, the internet, commercial databases and more
• Automatically captured screenshots combined with links back to the source of information

Data aggregation

• No need to browse manually through different sources
• Automatic information collection from different systems and databases
• Less work for your AML/KYC analysts, more insights

Why implement Comarch RPA for KYC

Operational efficiency

Optimize workload, reduce human error, decrease the time needed both for onboarding and periodic reviews with RPA in banking

Enhanced data collection

Benefit from Robotic Process Automation in banking to automatically collect information from specified systems and external databases, all compliant with your AML/ KYC due diligence procedures

Lower turnover

Keep the number of FTEs steady by trimming down repetitive tasks and letting your KYC analysts focus on quality in assessing the level of risk exposure

Flexible integration

Take advantage of our long-term experience in integrating with financial institutions’ internal systems

Comarch RPA for KYC leaflet

RPA in banking to improve the speed and quality of KYC checks


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