Financial Services Management

Services such as insurance claims adjustment, ATMs, payment terminal maintenance or customer service related to financial products can be optimized using advanced scheduling, real-time tracking and enterprise mobility. Comarch Field Service Managment, integrated with well-established systems in financial institutions, builds an environment that increases customer experience and lowers the total cost of the process. 

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Mobile claims adjustment

Comarch Mobile Claims Adjuster is a solution based on Comarch FSM for non-life insurance companies that have their own network of adjusters engaged in claims inspections in the field. The system allows managing mobile adjusters, i.e. assign claims to adjusters in accordance with their qualifications and availability, select optimal routes to destinations, and generate reports based on performance indicators. The solution also includes a mobile application for claims adjusters, which aims to facilitate and accelerate their work. The application available on smartphones or tablets shows the way to the appointed meeting place and displays all necessary information about the claim. It also allows to register all required information during the claim inspection, forwarding it immediately to the central claims system.

insurance claim adjuster

Debt collection

Financial institutions such as debt collection or other services, which require well-planned execution of their agents’ visits, may benefit from advanced scheduling with real-time calendar updates according to the progress of the field staff. Such activities rely on large databases of locations that must be visited without precise knowledge of how long each visit might take. Real-time scheduling allows on the fly adjustments and plan changes. 

Support of debt collection process in the field covers:

  Bulk scheduling of a large data base of field visits

  Optimal assignment of customer advisors visits

  Mobile app for advisors, for settlement agreement processing 

  Payment and cash transport tracking

  Comprehensive reporting of the visits

  Real time calendar adjustments (customer not present, visit duration changes and traffic issues)

debt collection


Cash transportation

Cash collection or cash transport between bank branches and ATMs requires optimal routes, engagement of key personnel at the right time, and visiting different locations in a strictly defined sequence. Comarch FSM enables ad-hoc or planned scheduling of cash transport, taking into consideration all aspects of the process and including advanced convoy tracking.

The system features support activities such as:

∎ Cash transport (cash points, ATMs), according to relevant procedures

∎ Optimal route planning

∎ Online confirmation of task status

∎ Registration of escalations and delays

∎ Online tracking of the convoy location and transport status

cash transportation

Equipment service

Comarch FSM with asset management supports the installation, periodic maintenance and service calls management of equipment such as cash dispensing devices and payment terminals. The system automatically assigns resources appropriate according to priority, and supports the execution of tasks. All history of the visits with full a record of servicing performed is stored in the system. For periodic maintenance, the system creates tasks automatically and optimizes their scheduling. The system supports:

∎ Technical maintenance of cash machines and payment terminals

∎ Service call registration

∎ Field service scheduling

∎ Optimization of field staff utilization

∎ Tasks on mobile devices

∎ On-line confirmations/completion reports

∎ Advanced field service analysis

∎ KPI and SLA tracking

equipment service

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