How to Choose Facility Maintenance Management Software

In the changing business environment, we place ever greater emphasis on flexibility and the speed of change. This is especially true in fields related to new technologies, and in situations where maintenance or resource costs are rising rapidly.
In areas such as facilities maintenance, it is particularly important to focus on the use of available human and equipment resources to ensure an adequate level of maintenance. More than once, as part of field work, I have come into contact with expensive and complicated equipment.

Building a facility maintenance software system

In such situations, time matters and the appropriate level of competence and experience all matter. In these cases, various tools come to the rescue. One of them is field service management software, which aggregates all available information in one place to allow optimal delivery of information to the technician and the efficient solution of hardware problems.
As part of their tasks, the technician needs a tool that will help them quickly obtain information about their assignment. This can include historical information that relates to the same location or a specific machine on which inspection or other activities are performed.

Facility maintenance/management system: what to look for?

An important element of such activities is the preparation of appropriate documentation for the purposes of subsequent analysis (as in the case of using predictive maintenance) or due to the customer's process requirements (or both).
The service process must be transparent and simple so as to avoid wasting time on additional service. Yet it must be extensive enough to collect as much information as possible, for use at a later date.
The more hard data we get, the better we can model our process in accordance with Comarch Field Service Management and facility maintenance software. This product based on the lean approach, where one of the main tasks is the appropriate measurement of the process. In the case of FSM and field work, we want to be sure that the task will be solved in accordance with accepted standards. We should also remember that the database of tasks and implementation is unassessed material that can be used to analyze problems.

Facility asset management

The second important aspect is tracking and collecting data about devices/equipment. Here, too, data analysis based on AI/ML is key. The method and scope of data used to optimize resources used is an important aspect of the new approach to process optimization and order management.
In conditions where we have limited resources, it becomes even more important to use appropriate tools such as facility asset management software. These are tools that combine elements of the maintenance system with work order maintenance systems. They will provide data in an effective way without unnecessary interactions, and be usable by every employee – so they have more time to focus on their daily duties.
For management staff, facility maintenance management software solutions provide invaluable access to information, thanks to which we can make corrections to existing processes much faster and make the most of the existing environment. This can help to improve our services and introduce higher quality in the facility maintenance solutions system.

If you’d like to learn more about Comarch Facility Maintenance software solutions, visit our product website.


Marcin Białowąs
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