Advanced analytics

One step ahead before the market


One of the significant recent trends is acquisition of knowledge through analysing enormous amounts of data, gathered for years – so called Big Data. Ability to make use of them enables dynamic growth for obvious reasons – fuller knowledge means more effective decisions.

A reliable data exploration and ability to predict opportunities or risks from many different areas have impact on more precise budget planning and avoidance of negative market effects on the company. It provides information on the expected changes in short- and long-term trends.

Discover knowledge – data mining


Data Mining is an important element of knowledge acquisition, particularly of finding the target customer group, shopping carts, customer segmentation, prediction and preparation for their needs, or even uncovering of financial abuse.

All that allows improved action planning, analysing of data from various perspectives, also those which were omitted earlier. These can be demographic and behavioural data of the consumers, their shopping history, product preferences, reactions to advertising, etc. Therefore, the managers can assess the probability of future events.

Performance forecasting


Big Data focuses on our current actions. Future events can be analysed thanks to prediction.


Predictive analyses improve the ability to make good decisions at the operational level. Predictive analyses include a set of statistical techniques and reporting tools which enable visualization of probable performance, thus supporting the decision-making capability of the managers.


Depending on the type and complexity of the modelled data, appropriate estimation models are applied. The methodology developed by Comarch includes ready-to-use know-how on the methods and possibilities of preparing forecasts in the scope of sales, costs, stock levels, etc.

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