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Highest security level with geolocation software

Security is a key attention point for organizations. Monitoring the way your employees are accessing company resources becomes crucial in order to avoid potential attacks. With our geolocation software you have control over data access, and you can define certain access limitations based on location, both geographical and functional.

Geolocation security

You can monitor all the discrepancies between user location data received from GPS and IP. Moreover, access attempts in debug, simulator or root modes won’t get by unnoticed. Based on this information and scoring rules, security risk rating is made for each access request. This way you stay secure no matter if your employees work from the office, their homes, or on the go.

GPS and IP

Protection against unauthorized access with geolocation analysis

The solution is suitable for all organizations that want to make access to data, services or other company resources dependent on user location. It is crucial for the financial sector and all companies dealing with sensitive data. It is also particularly suited to the needs of the Swiss market since access from abroad to data stored in Switzerland is prohibited.

Geolocation features

What is user geolocation analysis?

Comarch geolocation software is integrated with Comarch tPro Mobile which is a mobile-based solution for customer authentication and authorization. It can be used as an independent authentication factor (2FA) for various corporate resources such as e-mail, sensitive databases or administration panels. It provides the highest available level of security and is used by a range of businesses from the banking, loyalty, e-commerce, and other sectors.

Comarch geolocation mapping software allows you to determine the location of tPro Mobile users based on the following parameters:

geolocation analysisgeolocation analysis

This information allows to compare user geolocation coming from GPS with the one from the IP address. What’s more, Comarch geolocation software is analyzing and detecting whether access attempt is made in a specific working mode like root, debug or simulator.

How can your organization benefit from employee geolocation tracking?

Know if a remote employee is located where expected, so they can’t be impersonated

Limit or forbid access to company resources and services from a specific location

Limit access to sensitive data from a specific location: area, country, or continent

Block suspicious access attempts, e.g. when the readings of GPS and IP don’t match

Define limitations to be put in place when transaction security scoring is low

And many more...

How Comarch geolocation mapping software works:

1. Employee tries to access company resources using a secure tPro Mobile token. Login or ID assigned to tPro Mobile refer to the same identity. The employee is authorized to log in.

2. Geolocation feature checks if IP location is the same as GPS geolocation.

3. Geolocation analysis is run to determine if the access attempt is not being made from a restricted location.

4. Geolocation feature checks if tPro Mobile is not operating in root, simulator or debug modes.

5. Taking all this information into account, a security risk scoring for the transaction is calculated.

6. Based on the collected data, security risk scoring and defined risk tolerance, specific actions are taken for the operation: data access will be granted, denied or limited.

7. The output is visualized in a user-friendly graphic form for privileged users (administrators).

Geolocation analysis visualization

Our geolocation software is provided with an administration panel where authorized users are able to access dashboards visualizing employee location and access attempts. The history of access logs can be displayed from there, and administrators are able to adjust access permissions and rules of security scoring calculation.

geolocation analysis visualizationgeolocation analysis visualization

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