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Highest security level with Comarch VPN connection software

The security is key when it comes to accessing company data from different locations. Comarch delivers secure 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for virtual private network login, which assures that your resources remain safe from unauthorized access.

highest security level with VPN

Protect access to your resources using encrypted connection

Our VPN connection software is delivered as a standalone tPro Mobile application or as additional security layer for your existing applications (SDK). Comarch tPro Mobile can be used for corporate log-in via the RADIUS Protocol. Out of the box tPro solution has a RADUIS server available on-board. It communicates with your existing virtual network infrastructure.

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Your gains from the Comarch VPN system

Top level of security for authentication and authorization process

Protection of your virtual network from different attack types including identity theft, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, password stealing and remote attacks

Business continuity in the mass remote work model – grant access to company resources in a secure way

Excellent performance – up to 50 requests per second, ensuring that your remote working employees are able to run their daily tasks without interruptions

Cost savings – Comarch virtual network software is more cost effective than alternative solutions available on the market

Convenience – easy onboarding, broad range of authentication methods, biometrics included

Main characteristics of Comarch virtual network VPN software

  • Support for VPN Gateway compatible with Radius protocol
  • Integration with Radius server and support for extended Radius attributes
  • Symmetric key encryption
  • Easy user onboarding with QR codes
  • 2FA – strong user authentication using PUSH technology
  • Possibility to use OTP codes (event-based OTP, time-based-OTP)
Comarch VPN system easy onboarding
VPN onboardingvpn onboarding process

Comarch VPN connection software used by our employees

At Comarch, we use tPro Mobile ourselves for VPN authentication. This solution allowed us to provide stable data access for over 5000 of our employees. With tPro Mobile, our journey towards mass remote work went smoothly – the solution scaling and testing took us only 3 days – after that time we were able to fully switch to home offices.

vpn connection software

The implementation of Comarch tPro for VPN purposes has proved to be the right solution for difficult times. The use of this tool to provide a secure access to Comarch resources has brought measurable benefits. Our solution is easily scalable and designed for corporate purposes. It is also up to 3 times cheaper than what other companies offer. In an era of mass remote work, and the need to cut costs, this is a clear gain.

Konrad Tarański, CFO, Comarch

Comarch Cyber Security clients
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