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Mass remote document signing within seconds

Organizations are dealing with huge amounts of documentation that needs to be signed. Plus, mass signature processes can become burdensome and time-consuming. To accelerate processing and keep business continuity in a remote environment, an automated approach is needed.

mass remote signing

Reach maximum performance and sign documents online with Comarch Document Signer

With our Document Signer, you receive a tool for secure remote document signing. The solution is based on Comarch IAM Authentication Server.

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What is an electronic seal (e-seal)?

The concept of electronic seal is similar to the one of electronic signature. The difference is that the electronic seal is an evidence that a digital document was authorized by a legal entity, while the digital signature belongs to a natural person. Comarch Document Signer is a tool that allows to seal documents on behalf of your organization.

electronic seal

How the electronic seal works

how the electronic seal works
How it works

Electronic seal security

Strong authentication

A certificate issued by trusted third party and appended to the signature is a proof of who actually signed the document. Identity confirmation is displayed in a PDF reader when opening the file.

Data integrity

No changes can be made to a document after it has been signed.


The authenticity of the electronic seal is unquestionable – you’re protected against document forgery.

Use cases

Mass document signing (invoices, documents, agreements, etc.)

Authorization of internal and external documents

Contract signage

Authorization of documents submitted by customers

These days, the last use case is especially timely as governments provide financial aid for enterprises. To apply for financing, entrepreneurs need to submit an online application, authorized by a trusted entity. With Document Signer, financial institutions can act as trusted entities and authorize customer documentation.

When one of the banks asked us to sign applications related to the anti-crisis shield, the key criteria for the solution were the implementation time and reliability, which we’ve met in full. I am very glad that after just 7 days the solution started to serve the bank's customers.

Piotr Kusek, Comarch Executive Sales Director

Documents that can be signed with Comarch Document Signer

  • Mass correspondence to your customers and employees
  • Invoices and statements
  • Staff records
  • Client documents
  • Business contracts and agreements
  • Applications for government funding

As part of the implementation of Comarch Document Signer for one of our clients, we have significantly optimized the performance of the solution. Together with scaling, we ensured high availability of the system and ran many performance tests. The biggest challenge in the project was the date of go-live, but we knew we worked towards the development of Polish companies.

Michał Olawski, Comarch CyberSecurity Department Director

Key benefits for your organization

Top performance - hundreds of PDF documents signed per second

Time effectiveness and less repetitive tasks

Improved remote cooperation with your customers and vendors

Protection against digital frauds thanks to strong authorization and data integrity

Highest available security standards - authorization keys are stored in external Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Compatibility with „PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures” (PAdES)

Cost optimization – our solution can be deployed on virtual machines and uses Linux OS

Convenient installation according to your needs – delivery in cloud or on-premise models

Document Signer leaflet

Download Document Signer leaflet 

Read how to make mass signature processes easy & secure.


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