ECOD WEB 2.0 is coming

Beginning in April of 2010, ECOD customers in Poland can switch to the new web application for electronic document exchange – WEB EDI. The new version contains a number of enhancements for users to ergonomically and freely manage the application.

Changes in the new application concern most of all:

  • Technology – instead of Active X technology, Silverlight will be used (for the new document creation functionality)
  • Ergonomics and design - there will be many improvements in graphics and usability, optimizing user operations in the application
  • Improved support for various browsers (not only IE but also Opera, Chrome, Firefox)
  • New functionalities

In the first stage customers will have possibility to use both version 1.0 and 2.0. However, in the near future only 2.0 will be supported.

Learn more about Comarch ECOD here