Comarch provides WAN network outsourcing services for Sto-ispo Sp. z o.o.

Comarch SA and Sto-ispo Sp. z o.o. have extended a contract, under which Comarch will provide WAN network outsourcing services for another 3 years. Comarch will provide Sto-ispo Sp. z o.o. with telecommunication links and terminal connections along with monitoring and maintenance.

- It should be noted that they have entrusted us to perform an essential task. - Says Arthur Filus with the Center for IT Infrastructure Product Sales at Comarch SA - The quick service response time for both the headquarters and branches which has been included in the contract should also be noted. The signing of this agreement and the continuation of cooperation is an expression of confidence from Sto-ispo. WAN Outsourcing is a service that will enable Sto-ipso to focus on their business, while knowing that the important issues of IT are in the care of experienced professionals.

Comarch, a global provider of IT solutions, currently offers its services and solutions on four continents. Sto-ispo was established in 1996. As a daughter company of Sto AG, an international corporation headquartered in Stühlingen Germany, Sto-ispo continues a 150 year tradition as it operates on the Polish market. Throughout its several years of existence, Sto-ispo sp. z o.o. has gained significant market share in insulation systems, acoustic systems, and paint. Sto-ispo customers are served in a distribution system that includes 12 direct sales centers and dozens of representatives within the territory of Poland.Cancel