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Comarch Contact Center is a comprehensive package of measures designed to support customer relationship management, and communication inside the organization as well as many other business plans.



The solution facilitates efficient management of information within the company and allows the user to optimize the customer service process using customer owned systems. Comarch call center solutions helps organizations improve their customer experience and develop good customer relations. 

On request, Comarch Contact Center solution can also be provided in the service model which would allow the Contact Center resources hosted in the Comarch Data Center to be made available to the client. Within the scope of the contact center solution the client receives the access to infrastructure and a required number of Contact Center agent stations (IP phone license CC, CC Agent application, and headphones), and within its purview only provides CC agents and internet access.



  • Improvement of collaboration and communication within the company and with external contacts (customers, partners)
  • Organizing and simplifying the flow of information within the company
  • Reduction of costs by eliminating unnecessary travel, reduction in telecommunication costs, reduction of the cost of customer service
  • Increasing the productivity of employees who do not lose time on the road or on searching for information about clients in a variety of corporate resources
  • Building a knowledge base - the ability to record meetings / telephone conversations and using them in the future as notes during training and the ability to remotely share files and documents
  • Ease of managing and improvement of customer service by improving access to distributed information by providing centralized communication within the company
  • Scalability - the ability to extend the system with additional components, services

Benefits of Comarch Contact Center

Scope of services


Comarch offers a wide range of services, depending on the structure of the branches and the needs of specific businesses:

This solution allows the use of various communication functions while improving the performance of daily duties. Various communication channels are carried out using a single unified communications system, including:

  • phone  calls
  • conferences: web, voice and video
  • e-mail, voice and fax
  • Business communicators
  • Groupware and file sharing
  • the integration of communication tools

Moreover, the solution improves the collaboration between branches, and provides synchronization and integration of office equipment.

The entirety of the CC infrastructure is located in the Comarch Data Center. The client receives access to the infrastructure and a required number of Contact Center agent stations (IP phone license CC, CC Agent application, and headphones). The solution is characterized by scalability and therefore it may be easily adjusted to the current needs of the client.

Solutions for interactive multimedia communication that allow participants to run virtual meetings, trainings, conferences or presentations, regardless of location or time zone.

A comprehensive solution to support both communication within a single organization, as well as contact with customers. The solution proposed by Comarch uses a data network for voice communications, while enabling a smooth migration of solutions using the so-called commutation of links to solutions with commutation of packets. This allows for the optimization of the user’s telecommunications infrastructure, reduction of  the cost of calls and the introduction of a number of features not available in the "classic" telephone solutions such as video transmission, or integration with CRM or ERP business applications.

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