Auto-discovery and Reconciliation

Comarch Auto-discovery & Reconciliation provides a complete, comprehensive and up-to-date insight into multi-vendor, multi-domain networks, enabling effective network management.

The product is pre-integrated with Comarch Network Inventory.


A comprehensive, up-to-date network view

The system provides you with an always up-to-date insight into any multi-vendor, multi-domain network (thanks to leveraging Comarch OSS Mediation).

Automated discovery and resolution of discrepancies

The process of finding and resolving any discrepancies between the inventory data and the real state of the network is automated, which leads to fewer mistakes and time savings. Comarch Auto-discovery & Reconciliation enables defining rules for discrepancy resolution, which supports complex scenarios, when a simple network update action is not enough.

Shorter network upgrades and optimization cycles

Network upgrades and optimization cycles are shortened, thanks to almost immediate feedback from the network, regarding configuration updates.

Process automation

Pre-integration with Comarch OSS Process Management enables triggering a specific process. Such a process can include automated actions, but also manual steps – when a specific reconciliation requires human decisions.

Easy integration with various types of network interfaces

The system supports scheduled, on-demand and network-triggered events, as well as auto-discovery and reconciliation process initiation – enabling integration with various types of network interfaces.

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Case Study

"I am confident that Comarch solutions will enable MTS to accomplish transition from a network-centric towards a customer-centric OSS ecosystem sith an ultimate goal of creating the best customer experience."

Andrey Ushatsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MTS

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