New solution for Satellite Broadband Providers available on the market

Comarch releases a comprehensive solution for satellite internet access providers - the Comarch Satellite Package.

In response to the growing needs of satellite broadband providers, Comarch has developed a solution combining pre-integrated CRM, BSS and network management systems. With a unified data model and product catalog across the entire solution, it will meet the requirements of even the most demanding service providers.

What satellite broadband providers are sure to see as an important feature is the solution’s ability to fully control and monitor all orders and transactions passing through its layers, from sales channels, billing, back office, to provisioning and fulfillment. Furthermore, although the system's main processes are available out-of-the-box, the flow of orders and other business processes can be easily reconfigured by the customer, depending on the specific business requirements.

This Comarch solution is ideal for both retail and wholesale satellite internet access providers. It helps to achieve a seamless customer experience through offering high quality services, while at the same time facilitating control over operational expenses.

- Although the satellite business is currently booming, the market in its present state means it is not guaranteed to continue into the future, and operators have to defend their positions in an already intensely competitive market. Comarch answers those needs by offering a new solution that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of this segment. As the solution is built upon a stable core, it is a safe choice for every satellite broadband provider, yet it also offers flexibility and modularity still unique on the market – says Piotr Piatosa, VP Telecommunications & Member of the Board, Comarch SA.

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About Comarch
Comarch is a leading global supplier of key industry standard compliant software solutions and services for telecommunications service providers. One of the company’s fundamental distinguishing factors is our focus on the flexibility and configurability of our solutions, which are developed in-house and customized to suit the specific needs of our customers. Our solutions are business driven, and have evolved since the company’s inception in 1993, based on customer demand. With 17 years of experience, Comarch is expert at the design, implementation, as well as integration of our solutions and services. We are proud to work with customers from four different continents, including some of the market’s largest players, such as T-Mobile International, Vodafone Germany, Telefónica O2 Germany, as well as MVNO operators such as Auchan Telecom, France. Comarch’s unique and cost-effective solutions allow our customers to provide the highest quality of service to their markets, ensuring their clients’ satisfaction and continued patronage. The satisfaction of Comarch’s customers has always been the strongest confirmation of the quality of its solutions in the areas of billing and inter-partner settlements, as well as management of telecommunications networks and services. Comarch’s solutions for telecom operators are intended for to Fixed, Cable and Broadband Operators, Mobile Operators, Wholesale Departments, MVNO/MVNE Operators, ISPs and VoIP Operators, Content Providers and IPTV Operators and Satellite Service Providers.

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