tPro Family Tokens

What is tPro Family?

The number of cyber-attacks is increasing and hackers create ever more advanced malicious software. Cyber-attacks are mostly aimed at on-line banking, computer viruses are stealing confidential credentials and passwords to bank accounts, thus gaining access to make unauthorized electronic funds transfers.

Comarch tPro Family is a collection of highly specialized tokens that have been developed in response to the growing need of data transfer protection. These devices deliver strong methods of authorization and authentication to protect against various cyber-attacks. Thanks to the fact that Comarch tPro tokens require human-machine interaction the transfers are secure from keylogging and frauds using remote desktop access. 

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tPro Family Chosen Features

browser independent

Browser independent






Lightweight and handy

Comarch tPro Family is a set of hardware tokens that act like the electronic keys for the secured resource.

How does it work?


∎   Secured application displays login or authorization window

∎   User inserts tPro into the device's USB port

∎   User pushes the built-in button to authorize transaction or generate

        One-Time password

Example Uses of tPro Family

∎   Internet banking - secure verification of electronic funds transfers

∎   Healthcare - secure access to confidential information

∎   E-commerce - transaction approval

∎   Banking - secure access to sensitive financial systems

∎   Business - prevents unauthorized access to the system

"The Comarch proprietary solution enables strong authentication and authorization of transactions for clients of BOŚ SA Brokerage House. Comarch tPro Mobile solution operates in the Internet system of BOŚ SA Brokerage House in the form of a „Bossa Token” application."

Michał Wojciechowski, Deputy Director of BOŚ SA Brokerage House

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