Secure Access

What is Secure Access?

Comarch SecureAccess manager provides a simple method of monitoring privileged users’ actions on servers. This tool enables full control over remote users’ permissions to servers, and at the same time, records their activity. Through logging into SecureAccess, the user gains the secure access to selected servers. 


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Secure Access Chosen Features

Session management

Session management and monitoring

Separation of duties

Separation of duties

notification alert

Real-time notification alert

multi factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

How does Secure Access work?


 Privileged user logs into Comarch SecureAccess

 Comarch SecureAccess connects to the remote server

 Comarch SecureAccess records all the user's keystrokes and mouse clicks

 Comarch SecureAccess ends the user's session

Comarch SecureAccess offers server session management and monitoring.

Example Uses of Secure Access

∎   Government - monitor IT providers and quality of their service

∎   Finance - ensure that financial data delivered to auditors have

       not been modified


∎   Healthcare - protect the confidentiality of patient information

∎   Telecommunications - protect the company’s critical assets

       and customer data


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