Internet of Things

Comarch IoT Platform

Comarch IoT Platform is a cloud-based solution that enables easy, secure and scalable connection of physical objects and computer based systems. This unique environment makes connected cars and smart home concepts a reality, allowing data from billions of connected devices to be gathered, stored, exchanged, and analyzed by Comarch IoT Platform.


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Comarch iot platform could be used as a solution for e.g. Smart City,Smart Home, Smart Lock, Smart Vehicle and Smart Human.

Comarch Smart Lighting

Comarch Smart Lighting provides the IoT ecosystem that facilitates fast implementation of fully flexible and scalable smart lighting solution for cities as well as municipal and enterprise buildings. It can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure or extended by 3rd party systems and it always remains a platform for further extensions.

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Comarch Smart lighting could be used as a solution for e.g. Smart City and Smart Home.

Comarch beacon

Comarch beacon is a mini BLE device transmitting a continuous radio signal, readable by a dedicated mobile app. Combined with Comarch IoT Platform it uses the power of real time micro-location and contextualized information targeted to a specially chosen mobile users. In our IoT offer, there are also other hardware solutions which include Comarch IoT Hub and Comarch Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module.


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Comarch beacon is a small sensor that broadcasts a continuous signal via BLE. Thesignal is used by a mobile device to provide to its owner the right data, at the right time, in the right place.

Comarch Field Service Management

Comarch Field Service Management is a complete solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field force. It offers a smooth and profitable service by linking connected devices to a cloud-based field service software. Thanks to gathered data, Comarch FSM knows instantly when there is an issue and automatically dispatches the right resources to improve first time fix rate.


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Field service management (FSM) is a cloud-based system that combines with internet and hardware enable companies to manage resources as well as to schedule and dispatch their work.

Comarch Solutions for Connected Car Industry

Comarch has market-proven experience in building software and hardware solutions, which were based on various interoperability protocols and connectivity standards. No matter how big or how extensive your demands are, our connected car solutions can help you with the implementation of Internet of Things revolution into your business goals.


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