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What is Comarch Crypto Provider?

Comarch Crypto Provider is multiplatform (Windows, Linux, macOS) and supports all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE).


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Comarch Crypto Provider is a bridging solution that brings digital signatures to web applications. It enables communication with smart cards and cryptographic tokens without using technology unsupported by modern web browsers, such as NPAPI, Java Applet or browser extensions.

Why do you need it?


Most of the major web browser vendors have withdrawn their support for the aging NPAPI plugin architecture. Moving away from plugins is certain to make the browsing experience more stable – but it also made millions of essential cryptographic security devices, such as plugin-dependent smart cards, incompatible with the modern browsers.



CCP is a product for your business if you need to:

∎   make your smart cards compatible with plugin-less browser architecture

∎   introduce smart cards to secure your business with cryptography

∎   add the two-factor authentication method to your web application

Main Features

Browser plugin-less solution

Browser plugin-less solution

token key management

Smartcard / token key management

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

simple and small installer

Simple and small installer

COmarch Crypto Provider is a browser plugin-less solution.

How it Works


Comarch Crypto Provider is a desktop app installed on the end user’s workstation. This is how CCP allows for transaction authorization with your smart card:

∎   When the transaction is started through the web app, JavaScript library embedded in the web app communicates with CCP

∎   User provides a PIN number in the CCP dialog box

∎   CCP communicates with the smart card to perform cryptographic operations

∎   The result is returned to the browser and passed on to the bank’s server for further verification



∎   Prevents Man-in-the-Browser attacks

∎   Protects the PIN against XSS attacks

∎   Enhances security

∎   Proofs document authorship

∎   Provides data integrity mechanisms

Examples of Use


   Banks can use CCP to authorize their transactions

∎   Sensitive documents in the web app (medical records, personal data) can be protected from unauthorized modification

∎   Users can authorize specific contractors to receive money transfers

∎   Customers can electronically sign their application forms to ensure its authenticity

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BNP Paribas

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