RB-26-2013 Construction and Investment Credit Agreement

Pursuant to Art. 56, sec. 1 of the Act concerning public tenders, the terms for introducing and trading financial instruments on the stock exchange, as well as public companies, the Management Board of Comarch S.A. announces that on 4th of December, 2013, Comarch S.A. signed a construction and investment credit agreement with bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Krakow ("Bank"), for financing and refinancing of not more than 90% of net costs of an investment related to construction of office building SSE6 and data center in the Special Economic Zone in Krakow. The credit amounts to 56 million PLN, i.e. EUR 13,323,182.34. The crediting period: 10 years, repayment will be made not later than on 4th of December, 2023. Loan was granted in EUR and it has a variable interest rate. It should be taken out by 4th of December, 2015. Power of attorney to manage Comarch S.A. bank accounts in the Bank, declaration of submission to enforcement, the real estate mortgage in the amount of 84 million PLN, cession of rights in the building insurance policy, cession of rights in the bank guarantee for contract good performance and for warranty obligations and warranty are security for this credit.