RB-23-2013 Deletion of Mortgages

In relation to current reports no. RB-7-2010 dated the 28th of April, 2010, on signing an investment credit agreement with DnB NORD Bank Polska S.A. for financing of the fourth investment stage of the construction of an office and production building in the Special Economic Zone in Krakow (SSE5), and no. RB-20-2013 dated the 1st of October, 2013, on repayment of the afore-mentioned investment credit, Management Board of Comarch S.A. has announced that on the 18th of November, 2013, received a notice from the District Court for Krakow-Podgórze, the Fourth Division of the Land and Mortgage Register, on deletion of mortgages on a real estate owned by Comarch SA. The mortgages were established in 2010 as a security for the afore-mentioned investment credit.