Creation of central eGovernment portal in Poland, providing access to public sector information and services for both citizens and businesses is a key project. The ePUAP will consist of an integrated platform supporting a number of interactive services, with user identification/authentication, electronic case handling and ePayments when needed. The 'ePUAP' project is the first attempt of practical accomplishment of European Union recommendations, stated in the programme 'eEurope 2005'. The aim of ePUAP is to turn the concept of ‘Gateway to Poland’, adopted in 2002, into a precise and systematic plan to introduce a full functionality of electronic service delivery at national level. The project assumes availability of 19 services for citizens and 9 for companies. To use these services, the electronic signature will be needed.



The ePUAP is the first platform, which aims at electronic implementation of general public tasks. The main task of ePUAP is its use as a platform on which public institutions develop, and then share electronic communication channels with its environment, constituting in particular entrepreneurs, citizens and public institutions, through specified elementary components (platform services.)

The ePUAP is a common infrastructure which allows any public administration unit to provide electronic access to public services for the citizens, entrepreneurs and other public administration units. Public institutions are free to select available system services. They may use a single service of a number of selected ePUAP services.

  • develop a uniform electronic channel, safe and fully compatible with legislation, to ensure access for the citizens, entrepreneurs and other public administration units to the public administration services.
  • substantially reduce accessibility time and costs of IT resources, as well as public administration domain systems availability for public task implementation processes for all public administration units; this in particular applies to the access to services and resources of so-called base registers.

Aim of the project

The e-PUAP is to improve communication:

  • Administration to Citizen – A2C,
  • Administration to Business – A2B,
  • Administration to Administration – A2A.

By integration of front-office services and back office, the project will ensure 19 public services for citizens and 9 services for enterprises. Its main components are: XML Schema repository for electronic documents, middleware for accessing public registers and electronic administration services and, finally, communication platform for ministerial systems.


Platform will enable defining of another processes that serve citizens and enterprises as well as create access to the particular public administration domain systems (both central and city-governmental). It will also enable development of public e-services. ePUAP is one of the so-called e-Government projects that will enable realization of central and regional public services which need the access to so-called base registers.