The situation in the public utilities sector (heating, water-supply and sewerage, electricity generation and gas-supply) is highly volatile. The need to adapt both to the tasks set by government programs and to the demands of the European Union (EU) is forcing management boards to change strategy. Privatization and consolidation at a number of companies are becoming increasingly urgent issues in the sector. Also, customers are increasingly knowledgeable about the business and therefore the quality of customer service is becoming more and more important.

The necessity to comply with domestic and EU regulation, the increasing IT awareness of management and higher expectations for increasing operational effectiveness while containing operational costs all suggest that it is essential to invest in integrated, secure and productive solutions.   For public utility companies it is also increasingly important to have rapid, reliable and efficient access to information. Modern IT tools offer multi-level access to information according to need, authorization and the scope of the analysis.Comarch’s Public Utility Companies offer covers the following solution and product areas:

The sector solution for water-supply companies is a package of specialized IT tools that assist management by taking very detailed account of the specificities of the sector. The comprehensive and integrated solutions for this group of companies provide a series of solutions that ensure a high standard of customer service and comfortable user-interaction. Apart from guaranteeing rapid access to information, our aim is to streamline the processes that take place in the company.

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Comarch Egovernment

Comarch’s proposal for heat generating companies is a fully-integrated and comprehensive solution based on long-term experience in the sector. In preparing this specialized product for heat-generating companies special emphasis was placed on automating customer-invoice settlement processes and raising customer-service standards while also ensuring ease and comfort for system users.


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Regional Access Gateways

For electricity generation and gas-supply companies Comarch offers the Oracle EBS system with dedicated utility sector module. Functionality can be extended with Siebel CRM Applications (Siebel Contact Center, Siebel Service Center), Business Intelligence systems and data warehouses based on Oracle and other solutions as required.


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Enterprise Resource Planning 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems software integrates the departments, functions and processes of an enterprise in one computer system. The tools are adapted to the needs of the sector and are often extended by modules specially designed for an individual organization.


Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a business strategy based on orienting the company’s operations to its customers. Its main aim is to optimize revenue by improving the quality of customer-company relations at every point of contact and therefore increasing customer satisfaction.


Document and Workflow Management

These tools enable better planning and organization of document flow and associated tasks. They also enable improved storage for documents and cases. The offer also includes a group work environment featuring an efficient email server, group calendar, online communication and discussion groups.


E-invoices and Sales Support 


Comarch’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions and sales support enable the planning, execution and analysis of sales and ensure up-to-the-minute access to customer, transaction and sales process information.

E-invoices and Sales Support

Business Intelligence Support

Business intelligence systems is a broad category of applications and technology that compile and analyze data and make the results and conclusions available. These results help companies to make better business decisions. These solutions are especially welcomed among customers managing high data volumes and those who have many systems and/or locations.



Network design and construction, data security, hardware supply, system-tools software supply and a full outsourcing offer.