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Field Service Management and insurance

The problem of how to supervise the daily routines of distributed workforce is a challenge for many companies. But few readers of this section should be surprised by the fact that there’s the right software for this. It’s the Field Service Management (FSM), a system helping you keep track of your employees and other resources (such as vehicles or specialized equipment) in the field. - Mariusz Janczewski, Senior Insurance Consultant, Comarch


Big Data in Insurance

Insurance databases with a very large amount of data are slowly becoming diverse but still cannot be characterized as highly volatile. These databases are ‘big’ indeed but cannot be classified as Big Data. The time for Big Data has come.


No insurance software solution is an island

Product systems do not operate in a vacuum, always working together with specialized solutions that perform selected business functions in insurance companies.

digital insurer

The Rise of the Digital Insurer

The digitization will proceed the same way as so far – meeting the needs of our market it will still concern insurance distribution. Common access to mobile devices made the internet tools and resources instantly available.

technology in insurance

How technology is changing insurance

The turn of the year is an opportunity to publish various reports and analyses concerning forecasts in different areas, including IT and technologies. One would say “modern technologies”, but since the pace of changes is so quick “modern” is immediately becoming “standard”.

insurance it solutions

ABC of insurance IT solutions

An IT system is a complex computer program or a set of interacting programs designed to perform specific functions. Here we will focus on the systems responsible for collecting, processing and sharing insurance data.