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Confidentiality – Integrity – Availability

Comarch Cyber Security delivers original software and hardware solutions providing secure management of access, authentication and accountability of operations performed by employees and clients of the financial sector.

The portfolio of Comarch Cyber Security includes solutions for management of identity and public key infrastructure (PKI), which is used for strong authentication of users, to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, as well as secure communications on the network.


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Cyber Software solutions

  • Comarch Identity and Access Manager DRACO – software that facilitates management of identity and access to information systems in an organization; developed from the ground up taking into account the single sign-on (SSO) mechanism, role-based access control and user accountability
  • Comarch CentralLog – a solution designed to collect logs from information systems of institutions; the collected data is filtered, processed on-line and stored for audit purposes
  • Comarch SecureAdmin – a tool for management, remote monitoring and internal access to server resources; additionally equipped with a mechanism of session timeout configuration and automatic notification of an unauthorized attempt to access the server
  • Comarch SOPEL – a solution providing software libraries of public key infrastructure used to generate and verify a digital signature; a digital signature is used, for example, to confirm the identity of a user or device and to detect an unauthorized modification of data
  • Comarch MobileID – software designed for strong user authentication with a single-use code generated in a mobile phone application; it is characterized by a low cost of implementation and maintenance.

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Hardware solutions

  • Comarch SmartPKIDevices – a family of devices used to authorize access and give instructions; it comprises of cryptographic cards, tokens and cryptographic card readers also supported by biometric technology
  • Comarch SmartEllipticDevices – a family of devices equipped with cryptographic mechanisms based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC); it consists of Comarch tPro and Comarch SmartTokenECC
  • Comarch tPro – a device providing a safe and confidential channel of communication between a client and a financial institution; it features a colour LCD touch screen and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication module and micro USB,
  • Comarch SmartTokenECC – a unique token equipped with a button for rapid generation of cryptographic key
  • Comarch OTP – a token with an integrated strong mechanism of user authentication and authorization; a single-use authorization key is generated by pressing the corresponding button on the casing of the unit.

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Cyber Security Consulting

  • Comarch Cyber Security Professional Services – services related to the development and implementation of a security policy and performance of an information technology audit in an organization.

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