Comarch Commission & Incentive at Aegon Services

Comarch Commission & Incentive at Aegon Services


Company Aegon Services Sp.z o. o

Industry Insurance

Project objective Implementation of the solution that will centralize all billing and accounting operations related to compensation plans

Implemented solution Comarch Commission & Incentive with a financial-accounting module

Solution supplier Comarch

Project duration III 2012 - V 2015


Project objectives

    The main objectives of the Comarch solution implementation project at Swiss Life focused on increasing the insurer’s business competitiveness and profitable growth, as well as reducing operational and non-compliance risks.

"Swiss Life needed a comprehensive solution that would cover all life and pension insurance processes end-to-end, including new business processes, contract and claim management, as well as management of their clients and insureds. The key advantage of our solution is definitely a self-service online portal for all group life insurance participants who can manage their coverage and investments without the need of contacting the insurer customer center".


Tomasz Jędroszkowiak, Project Manager, Comarch


"Our system handles all types of contracts like defined contributions or defined benefits, various financial vehicles including unit-linked, as well as different methods of payouts like annuities, programmed withdrawals. Contracts can be supplemented by a range of protection covers. That gives Swiss Life great flexibility in expanding its insurance and pension business locally and internationally".


Marek Paradowski, Senior Insurance Consultant, Comarch


"We were in need of an innovative solution that would make us closer to our clients. We wanted to enhance our relationship with them and make our services more client-oriented. The Comarch system offered the open architecture, wide business process management abilities, advanced business intelligence and a rich integration scope, including among others, banking systems, transfer agents, or general ledgers. That would allow us to handle all business processes in one solution".



Tony Ciccarella, IT Program Manager/Architect, Swiss Life

alior bank software

Project challenges

    The project was multilayer and multistage as Swiss Life required both new functional and technical architecture to ensure optimal business process management for the future. Moreover, the desired solution was to smoothly operate in several countries and numerous languages, meeting multinational needs and regulations. Thus, the project was divided into several phases each concluded with go-live releases.

"Good cooperation made us complete this large project successfully. The challenge was mostly related to the extensive data migration and integration of the Comarch solution with our external systems".


 Tony Ciccarella, IT Program Manager/Architect, Swiss Life

"We had to face some real challenges related to the robust area of the implementation. This large enterprise required strong and extended project teams with specialists form various fields and business units leaning on strong management support".


 Tomasz Jędroszkowiak, Project Manager, Comarch

Manage individual and group life insurance effectively

Created with a great passion for IT and many years of experience, our system allows the insurer to optimize and grow all aspects of life insurance.

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Project results / benefits

    Owing to the implementation of the Comarch solution all Swiss Life insurance processes are fully covered. The full range of insurance products are supported and all contracts managed in one system. Besides, the user experience and customer service have been significantly enhanced thanks to the self-service portal.

"Apart from the core functionality of the Comarch Life Insurance system, we also implemented an integrated document management module, numerous external interfaces and Comarch Insurance Client Essentials – portal dedicated to policyholders’ HR departments and contract managers as well as individual insureds".


Tomasz Jędroszkowiak, Project Manager, Comarch

"We are satisfied with the results of the project as our clients can easily manage all insurance and pension contracts, while their employees stay up-to-date and manage their policies and investments on their own. Moreover, Swiss Life has better control and overview of our pension business and more opportunities to grow it".


Madeleine Simmler Weiss, Project Manager Business and Head Client & Partner Services, Swiss Life

Solution competitive advantages

   • Stronger customer engagement

   o Encouraging customers to take autonomous actions and participate in shaping their own protection and pension coverage

   • Significant reduction of operational costs

   o Self-service online portal for all group life insurance participants

   o Actions taken directly by clients without the insurer customer service assistance

   • Process optimization

   o Instant quotations based on analysis of the policyholders’ employees data

   o Four-eye acceptance of key operations

   o Process orientated solution ensuring a high level of automation and more efficient task management

   o Life and pension product management and sales in one solution

   • Full interface interoperability 


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