Advisor front-office

Client management & profiling / Financial analysis & planning / Full advisory process / Simplified advisory process / Alerts & monitoring

This area consolidates all client’s wealth and allows for selecting appropriate investment strategy as well as product portfolio that will meet client’s needs and expectations depending on individual financial capabilities and objectives.

It  can examine a given investment profile in line with regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFID) by evaluating its suitability as well as analyzing client’s financial situation and assets. The investment advisory software benefits advisors and managers by giving them insight into sales structure, client groups and product distribution across all business units.




Client reporting, performance & risk analytics

Custom templates and preferences / P&L and performance analysis / Data quality and enhancement / Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting

The solution focuses on the area of reporting on client’s investments, and presents portfolio drill-down analysis of the return and risk sources of the client’s overall assets. User-defined analytical processes provide a preview of the ex-ante and ex-post values at different levels of aggregation – portfolio, currency, asset classes, sectors, ratings and individual products.

It is possible to generate periodic and ad-hoc reports for different client groups by taking advantage of data import from internal or third party systems, data quality management, and more. Reporting to the end client can also be fully outsourced to Comarch.




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Portfolio management

Order management / Pre and post trade compliance / Portfolio valuation and accounting / Integration with counterparties and data vendors

Portfolio management system automates investment processes, order management and transaction settlement, as well as pre-trade and post-trade compliance, portfolio modeling and rebalancing, and more.

The solution delivers information on the managed assets and cash flow forecasts, allowing for broad integration with suppliers of market data used in portfolio monitoring and valuation. It supports the fulfillment of obligations specified in local regulations applicable to investment companies.



Multichannel client front-end

Consolidation of accounts and services / Portfolio overview and performance / Investment ideas and simulations / Financial forecast and planning / Self-service & robo advisory / Real-time market access / Personal recommendations and trading / Communication with RMs & experts

The area offers access to market information, analyses and research materials and serves as the communication channel between the client, institution and relationship manager (via personalized emails, chat or video). This is further enriched with a consistent user experience across all devices – desktop, mobile and wearable ones.

The front-end facilitates investment guidance and fully robo-advisory process adjusted to various client segments (retail, affluent, HNWI). The client can track long-term cash flows and the portfolio value, as well as set the most important financial goals (savings, pensions, etc.)




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