Comarch Exchange Trading

Stock management systems - end-to-end support for brokerage houses

Comarch Exchange Trading is a competitively designed system to support business processes in brokerage houses. It provides efficient processing of orders and transactions in line with the requirement of best execution, flexible register and configuration modules, client service support, multi-currency financial services for brokerage accounts, automated bookkeeping of securities, and accounting services. It guarantees compliance with the reporting requirements of capital market regulatory institutions and security issuers, as well as the full and transparent reporting of investment results for clients. It enables operational risk management and reporting for its own needs. In addition, the tool provides the clients of investment companies with access to a brokerage account via self-service channels. Comarch Exchange Trading, which consists of the core brokerage system, a web-based application and a mobile application, is successfully used in Polish brokerage houses.

Key business advantages

Efficient order and transaction management

High-performance algorithmic engine for the automatic generation and execution of orders based on market conditions and analytical indicators

Effective integration with foreign markets and brokers

Possibility to connect to any external channel, including external systems, e.g., connecting sell-side with buy-side, and the integration with foreign markets

Flexible register and configuration modules

Comprehensive business process configuration module. Business administrator's rights include the ability to define contract templates, surveys, commissions and fees

Comprehensive solution for front-, middle- and back-office processes

Automate front-, middle- and back-office operational processes and provides fast and secure data exchange with the stock exchange operator


  • Client register and accounts
  • Account financial service
  • Market data distribution and processing
  • Secondary market operation support
  • Public offering support
  • Credit management
  • Securities bookkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Accounting services
  • Risk analysis and management
  • System monitoring and customization
  • Clients’ investment platform


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