Comarch Retail

Many trade networks encounter typical problems of retail industry. This regards most of all difficulties in arranging work in stores, information chaos between Headquarters and subsidiaries or inefficient logistics of network. All these processes must be organized and supervised and they require quick and effective coordination of actions at all levels.

Comarch Retail is a solution directed virtually to all types of trade networks. The system concentrates on  three areas: 

  • It resolves all typical problems of a trade network regarding, among others: excessive costs, stock replenishment, organization of work, arrangement of document flow.
  • It is future-oriented, owing to use of innovative tools for network management, such as: automation of processes, Business Intelligence and multi-channel sales. 
  • It precedes customers’ needs by offering a new communication channel. Owing to that, you can get advantage over your competitors before beacon technology becomes a standard. 


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