Chain stores management

Comarch Retail is based on three-level structure.

It enables central management at all levels of retail chain and simultaneous management of processes within a given organizational level of the chain. This way, decision-making employees have full control from one place over the functioning of the entire chain, from the Headquarters through subsidiaries (outlets, BackOffice) to points of sale (POS, FrontOffice).




Comarch Retail Headquarters

Comarch Retail Headquarters enables, among others:

  • Reacting quickly to changes owing to Business Intelligence analyses,
  • Reducing costs and saving time owing to the automation of regular processes,
  • Planning actions in the entire network,
  • Reporting the results of performance of subsidiaries on a current basis, 
  • Controlling costs and stock replenishment in points of sale, 
  • Quick communication with subordinate stores, 
  • Organizing the entire process of document flow in the network.



Comarch Retail BackOffice is a perfect connection between POS workstations and the Headquarters, which allows efficient flow of information and exchange of documents within the whole network. BackOffice enables, among others: 

  • Quick processing of merchandise receipt into individual warehouses and distributing that merchandise on store’s shelves 
  • Moving items between stores and subsidiaries without engaging the Headquarters 
  • Carrying out inventory without necessity to stop selling. Any part of the assortment can be excluded for stock-taking purposes 
  • Using data collectors or barcode scanners in the inventory process, which significantly improves work and eliminates errors 
  • Quick generating of Item Quantity Calculation for any groups of items. Basing on forecasts, the system suggests what quantity of item should be ordered and how to distribute it, as well as generates necessary documents  
  • Basing on demand forecasts of stock levels it is possible to distinguish stores of different size, popularity, attractiveness, etc. 


Comarch Retail POS – Point of sale

Comarch Retail POS is a solution adjusted to specific needs, which eliminates typical problems concerning customer service at points of sale, such as: 

Lines at cash register ⇒ Possibility to open several receipts at the same time, which allows for faster servicing of subsequent customers.

Item unavailable in store ⇒ Seller may check availability of item in other stores or subsidiaries

Computer failure ⇒ “Lifebelt” mechanism allows recreating a POS workstation on other computer in less than a quarter.

Customer wants to buy an item unavailable in the system ⇒ Possibility to sell below stock levels

No Internet access at POS ⇒ Possibility to work and synchronize with subsidiaries and headquarters in offline mode


Integration with ERP systems 

Comarch Retail is a modern solution enabling flexible adjustment to requirements of a specific business branch and company. Another advantage of the system is its openness, that is possibility to integrate with other solutions of ERP type. 

In its standard version, the system is integrated with ERP system: Comarch ERP Altum, which allows simultaneous handling of retail sales network and other areas of company’s activity. 

Integration of Comarch ERP Altum and Comarch Retail is dedicated for Polish and international services and commercial companies as well as sales networks which seek for a system adjusted to their individual needs and specific processes. 

In case of Comarch ERP XL, dedicated for manufacturing enterprises, integration with Comarch Retail enables handling of the whole process: from product manufacturing to retail sales.


Document flow management

Comarch Retail is equipped with mechanisms allowing for organizing, accelerating and automating document flow within the entire network. It enables also managing permissions for particular users to specific types of documents. The possibility to generate documents on the basis of records previously documented within a given transaction eliminates necessity to enter the same data into the system several times. The document flow within network can be additionally organized by means of partially or completely automated issuance of documents (BPM).


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